Carers and other dispensations

Carers' permits

  • carer permits may be issued to those who live outside the area but are providing care to someone living in a road where parking permits are required  
  • to protect this dispensation, evidence of eligibility must be supplied

Evidence of eligibility

We will need evidence that you are am agency worker with a contract of employment caring for a person, or people, within permit areas. You will need to provide both:

  • a letter from your employer, on company headed paper, proving you are an employee of the company and you require a parking permit
  • a copy of your vehicle registration document or insurance certificate

In exceptional circumstances we will consider applications outside these eligibility criteria. Send details of your circumstances to the parking team using the email address below.

Dispensations for property maintenance and Tonbridge High Street (banking)

  • dispensations are discretionary and subject to need and availability
  • evidence is required from the company providing the property maintenance of the need for the vehicle to be close to the properties being maintained

On-street dispensation

A temporary dispensation that allows parking without a permit in a resident permit scheme area. For building works etc.

Slade School permits

Please contact the school for advice about eligibility and the application process for permits for Lower Castle Field car park.

Permit times have altered at the request of the school and reflect changes to the school day. Permit times are now 8.30am to 9am and 3.05pm to 3.40pm, Monday to Friday during term time.

If you need to park at other times, you will need to purchase a pay and display ticket or use the parking app.

Contact the parking team

Telephone: 01732 876034