Permit areas and fees

Our permit schemes for residents and businesses are fully digital and no paper permits are issued. Your vehicle registration number must be entered for all permits and dispensations.

Permit schemes operate in:


Resident permit

  • first permit per household: £45 per year with 10 free visitor permits with your first application
  • second permit: £45
  • third permit: £90
  • fourth and further permits: £135
  • visitor permit: £12 for 10 sessions

Business on-street permit

  • £175 per year. No availability in West Malling due to a lack of on-street parking
  • dispensations for property maintenance: £175 per year
  • on-street dispensation for commercial purposes (eg building work): £10 per day or £40 per week


  • essential carers' permit: £25 per year


  • resident or business permit accounts should only be created for those with an eligible residential or business address in our borough. Not all addresses within a permit area are eligible
  • new developments are not usually added to existing permit areas 
  • create a non-resident account if you are applying for a dispensation and do not have an eligible address in a permit area
  • any type of permit account holder can also apply for a council car park season ticket

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Report suspected fraud

If you suspect fraud is being carried out in relation to parking permits, report it to our parking team by emailing us - see details below. We will need the vehicle registration number and any additional information that you may have such as the location and circumstances of the suspected fraud.

The National Fraud Initiative matches electronic data within and between public and private sector bodies to prevent and detect fraud.

Contact the parking team

Telephone: 01732 876034