Business permits

Our permit schemes for business are fully digital and no paper permits are issued. Your vehicle registration number must be entered for all permits and dispensations. To apply or renew a business permit, log in to your account and under Permit Type, select 'Business'.

Apply or renew business permit

Where do I need a permit?

Permit schemes operate in:

Business permits are only available where there is parking capacity and are only open to businesses located within the permit area. Business permits cannot be transferred to other members of staff as they are issued to an individual and not a company.

How much does it cost?

  • £200 per year. No availability in West Malling due to a lack of on-street parking

Proof of eligibility

To apply for a business permit you will need to provide one proof of business address and one proof of vehicle ownership or use. Both documents must show the same name and address as the name on the account and must be up-to-date.

Proof of business address

  • up-to-date proof of your employment for the business linked to the permit address for example a letter on headed paper from your employer, dated within the last three months
  • or your most recent payslip (with the financial details redacted but your name, the company name and the date must be clearly visible)

Proof that you own or use the vehicle

  • a copy of the valid certificate of motor insurance (we cannot accept any other parts of the insurance documentation) or
  • a copy of the printed V5 document (if this is in the permit applicant's name) or
  •  if it is a company vehicle we can accept a company letter dated in the last three months on headed paper confirming your full name and address and the vehicle registration stating this is a vehicle you are permitted to drive


  • business permit accounts should only be created for those with an eligible business address in our borough. Not all addresses within a permit area are eligible
  • new developments are not usually added to existing permit areas 
  • create a non-resident account if you are applying for a dispensation and do not have an eligible address in a permit area
  • any type of permit account holder can also apply for a council car park season ticket