Visitor and business permits

Visitor permits

To apply for a visitor permit, log in to your account and under Permit Type, select 'Visitor'.

  • visitor permits can only be requested by the account holder within the scheme area
  • they cannot be transferred or sold on
  • visitor permits are valid for 24 consecutive hours from the date and time the applicant assigns them to a vehicle registration number
  • the maximum amount of visitor permits that residents can purchase is 240 per residence, per year
  • not all businesses will qualify for visitor permits - they are subject to available parking capacity

The visitor icon is the blue P symbol beneath the four icons on the home page.

Business permits

To apply for a business permit, log in to your account and under Permit Type, select 'Business'.

Business permits are only available where there is parking capacity and are only open to businesses located within the permit area. Business permits cannot be transferred to other members of staff as they are issued to an individual and not a company.

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