Planning performance agreements (PPAs)

Planning performance agreements (PPAs) are useful in setting out an efficient and transparent process for determining large or complex planning applications.

They encourage joint working between the applicant and local planning authority, and can also help to bring together other parties such as statutory consultees.

They allow the developer and the local planning authority to agree a project plan and programme which will include the appropriate resources necessary to determine the planning application or pre-application master plan within a defined timetable.

PPA protocol and fee schedule

A PPA protocol and fee charging schedule have been produced to let prospective applicants, developers and agents understand how the council deals with PPAs.

Prospective applicants and agents should study the protocol to see whether the circumstances of their scheme would benefit from such an agreement. Further advice can be sought on this matter through early engagement via our pre-application advice service.

Contact the planning applications team

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Telephone: 01732 876230