Pre-application advice fees

These fees are set from April 2023. See definition of each development type.

Householder development fees

  • written advice only: £283

Minor development fees

  • written advice only: £428

Works to listed buildings fees

  • virtual meeting and letter: £480
  • meeting on site and letter: £638

Medium development fees

  • written advice only: £557
  • virtual meeting and letter: £1,105
  • meeting on site and letter: £1,197

Larger scale development fees

  • written advice only: £834
  • virtual meeting and letter: £1,658
  • meeting on site and letter: £1,846

Major development fees

  • £2,575

The fee covers:

  • preliminary site visit by case officer
  • internal meeting by case officer with internal services
  • initial briefing by case officer to key members (where the case officer considers it necessary and proportionate to do so in liaison with those members)
  • virtual meeting between developer and council teams (60 mins)
  • written response (format to be agreed by the parties)


  • the charges set out above relate to each separate query submitted to the council
  • further queries and variations raised following the issue of advice by the council will be subject to a new fee
  • enquiries that include requests for advice on multiple development options will be returned
  • enquiries regarding potential non-material amendments to approved schemes should be subject to formal applications under section 96A of the Town and Country Planning Act
  • enquiries as to whether listed building consent is required for proposed works should be subject to a formal application seeking a lawful development certificate
  • where advice is sought concerning discharge of planning condition, the fee will be related to the development type of the parent application
  • please note that the council does not offer advice to third parties on current planning applications. If you consider you may be affected by a development proposal, you should make representations to the council in the normal way. These will be taken into account in reaching a decision
  • alterations to an existing or creation of a new dropped kerb for your home can only be dealt with by making an application for a lawful development certificate. This will fall into the residential: enlargement, improvement or alteration category for fee calculation


  • proposals for making buildings accessible under the Equalities Act 2010 (other than in circumstances where the works would be undertaken to a listed building)

Contact the planning applications team

Please note, planning phone lines will only be open from 10am to 12pm Monday to Friday from Monday 16 January until Friday 30 June.

Telephone: 01732 876230