Apply for a disabled parking space

Applications for disabled parking bays are currently suspended while we await confirmation from Kent County Council of their criteria. Updated 21 December 2022

Kent County Council set criteria for applicants of disabled bays and where bays can be located.

Can I apply for a disabled parking bay?

You can apply for a disabled parking bay if you meet the following criteria:

  • you must hold a current, valid Blue Badge
  • you should be the driver of the vehicle needing a bay
    • any exceptions to this should be stated in writing when applying. All exceptions will be considered and a recommendation made
    • the vehicle used to transport you should normally be kept at your home address and be registered at that address. If the main driver of the vehicle does not reside at your property, the bay will in most cases be refused
  • you must be in receipt of one of the following:
    • Attendance Allowance at the higher rate
    • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) at the higher rate of the mobility part
    • Disability Living Allowance for children at the higher rate of the mobility component.
    • War Pension
  • you must be unable to walk to and from areas where current car parking is available
  • you should not have any off-street parking

When you make your application, you must provide:

  • a copy of both sides of your Blue Badge
  • a copy of your vehicle registration or mobility hire agreement at the application address
  • vehicle insurance document at the application address
  • UK driving licence registered at the application address
  • benefit entitlement for you showing your disabled bay application address, including your rate of entitlement. This must be at the higher rate for Attendance Allowance, or the higher rate of the mobility component for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or the higher rate of the mobility component for Disability Living Allowance

Where can I have a disabled parking bay?

A disabled parking bay cannot be located in some locations, such as:

  • on a bend
  • on the brow of a hill
  • close to a junction
  • within a turning head
  • where a road is too narrow
  • where parking is prohibited (for example double yellow lines)
  • if there are already either two disabled bays in a road, or if five per cent of available parking is already disabled bay (whichever is the greater)
  • we can only provide bays on the public highway. To find out if your road is public or private see Public and private roads. If the road is not a public highway you should contact the owners of the area. We do not hold records of who owns or manages private parking areas. If you are the tenant of a Housing Association, they may be able to help.


You must display a valid Blue Badge to park in a disabled parking bay. Misuse of the bay could lead to a fixed penalty notice being issued and the removal of the bay.

No one has exclusive right to use a particular disabled bay. Any Blue Badge holder may park in a disabled bay.

If you would like to create off-street parking see Apply for a dropped kerb.