Parking season ticket terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for all season tickets

  • a parking space cannot be guaranteed
  • lack of space does not mean that the season ticket holder can park in contravention of restrictions or in a dangerous manner
  • all drivers should comply with the local parking regulations and on site notices. If you are unsure, contact the parking office for help
  • any outstanding Penalty Charge Notices must be settled prior to a season ticket being issued. Penalty Charge Notices currently being challenged are exempt from this condition
  • you must have a valid season ticket, or pay the parking charge for that car park, at all times when parked in a chargeable car park and within the charging period. If not then you may be liable for a penalty charge
  • all vehicles with a season ticket must be covered by suitable vehicle insurance and where appropriate a current MOT certificate and road fund license
  • refunds can be applied for, contact the parking office for help or to see if any refund is due
  • refunds are subject to a £10 administration fee and a minimum refund of £10
  • refunds are not issued during periods of absence
  • we reserve the right to withdraw any season ticket, or change the conditions applying to them. Should this be necessary you will be notified of the reasons in writing prior to the effective date, offering you the opportunity to respond to the decision
  • season tickets are not transferrable. They are issued to a person, not a company. If a person no longer qualifies for a season ticket, they cannot pass it on to another member of staff

Change of vehicle

  • season ticket holders can now update their vehicle details themselves, using their online account
  • it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your vehicle details are up to date. Otherwise you may be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice

Local worker eligibility document guide

  • Borough Green, Western Road car park
  • Ryarsh Lane car park

Proof of eligibility would usually be a pay slip including the following information:

  • name of company
  • name of applicant
  • date of issue (this must show that the pay slip is current)

Financial information should be obscured. Handwritten pay slips or letters are not accepted.

Proof of eligibility if you are self-employed, in most cases, would be a letter from HMRC regarding your employment status for tax and insurance. If you are self-employed and below the threshold for registering for tax/insurance, contact the parking office. Handwritten letters are not accepted.

Local residency eligibility document guide

  • Borough Green, Western Road car park
  • Tonbridge town centre residents season ticket

Proof of eligibility can be one of the following:

  • council tax letter for the current year
  • utility bill for the last three months
  • bank statement within three months
  • tenancy agreement
  • solicitors letter confirming purchase of property

Mobile phone bills are not accepted.

Contact the parking team

Telephone: 01732 876034