To renew or purchase a car park season ticket you need an online account.

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If you do not live or work in Tonbridge and Malling, please create a ‘non-resident’ account.

Business accounts are only required for on-street permits. They are not needed for a car park season ticket.

There are no business permits in West Malling.

Car parks and fees

Blue Bell Hill commuter car park

  • 1 month £40
  • 12 months £420

Borough Green - Western Road car park

  • 12 months £320

Proof of resident and local workers eligibility documents must be uploaded for each person’s season ticket application and renewal for this car park.

Country parks (Haysden and Leybourne Lakes)

  •  12 months £50

Our country park season ticket can be used in both of our country parks, including Haysden Water and Audley Rise car parks. Kent County Council country park season tickets are not valid in any of our country parks.

Tonbridge - Lower Castle Field car park

  • 1 month £120
  • 12 months £1,020

Tonbridge - Sovereign Way complex (Sovereign Way North, Vale Road)

  • 1 month £120
  • 12 months £1,020

Tonbridge – off-peak hours season tickets

Allows the holder to park between 4pm and 9am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday in any council-owned car park in Tonbridge, except Haysden Country Park and Swanmead car parks.

  • 12 months £290

West Malling, Ryarsh Lane car park

  • 12 months £255

Only workers in West Malling town centre are eligible for season tickets in this car park.

The following two types of proof of eligibility are required in all cases:

  • Proof of local workers eligibility for each person’s season ticket application and renewal
  • Proof of connection to the vehicle and any change of vehicle is also required. This must be one of the following:
    • the vehicle V5 document, if the applicant/season ticket holder is the registered keeper
    • a valid certificate of motor insurance if the applicant/season ticket holder is a named driver (no other parts of insurance documentation are accepted)
    • a letter from the employer on company headed paper, confirming that the employee can drive the vehicle

As demand exceeds space availability for this car park, there is a waiting list for season tickets. Contact the parking team to join the waiting list.

Contact the parking team

Telephone: 01732 876034