Taddington Valley

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Taddington Valley is located immediately east of the A2045 and west of Walderslade. There is a public right of way to the south of the public open space and the nearest postcode for this is ME5 9LA.

Map showing other points of interest in the area

Travelling and parking

Please consider other ways of getting here than using a vehicle. There is no car park and very little on street parking available around this public open space.

Many of our locations are accessible by public transport, walking or cycling as well as by car.

There are public rights of way in the area, with two going through Taddington Valley which are MR439 and MR201.

About Taddington Valley public open space

Taddington Valley public open space covers an area of 33 acres and has thirteen entrances for walkers. It consists of broad leaved woodland mainly sweet chestnut, and open areas managed as grassland and meadows.

Taddington Valley is one remnant of the once larger Taddington Wood, this large wood has been fragmented in to serveral parts by the housing and roads and was once an important part of the local economy. Trees in this area were coppiced for a regular source of wood, with Hornbeam being used in the manufacture of gunpowder.

Coppicing is still carried out in the area to manage the woodland which helps increase the range of plants and animals. Regeneration of the wood occurs in a few years.

Tree species present in the wood include Sweet Chestnut, Beech, Oak, Ash, Wild Cherry, Hawthorn and Hazel.


  • Pathways are not surfaced and may be narrow
  • There are natural changes in level and steps

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