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It is illegal in this country to hold a street collection to collect money or sell articles for the benefit of charitable or other purposes without obtaining a Street Collection Permit from the Council if that collection is to be held 'in a street or public place'. A 'public place' is a 'place where the public has access'.

There is no cost for issuing consent but there are rules to be followed in applying. Street collections are usually made by charities. Collections usually take place in a town centre on busy shopping days. Money is collected in tins. There are regulations which govern this type of collection. Consents are restricted to enable charities to raise money without their collections clashing with those of other charities.

The purpose of the legal requirement to obtain consent is to ensure collectors are properly authorised and that money is collected in a secure way and the total proceeds collected are properly accounted for. Those persons wishing to make a collection on the street should apply to the local authority where they wish to collect, if permission is granted for the collection, then conditions must be followed and a statement of the amount collected must be submitted.


Police, Factories, & c. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916
Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council Street Collection Regulations


  • No more than 4 collections per year per charity
  • No Sundays other than in exceptional circumstances
  • Permits for the following events may be issued even where the collection falls on the same day as another collection
    a) Children in Need (always Friday)
    b) Carnival
    c) Christmas Late Night Shopping
    d) Charity Nights (more than one charity on one night under one umbrella grouping)
    e) Cycle Race


  • It is advisable for the applicant to first contact the licensing department on 01732 876026 to check that the required date is available and not already booked prior to making an application.
  • On receipt of the completed application form the council will issue a permit subject to the requirements being met.
  • Applications must be made by charitable organisations at least one month before the proposed date of the collection (and not more than one year in advance).

The sale of periodical magazines (e.g. The Big Issue) may be sold without a Street Collection Permit.

How to apply


You may apply online for this licence as well as submit a collection return via the EUGO Portal.

Make a street collection application online

On completion of the collection

Submit a street collection return online


Valid for the day of collection only.

Current Fee

There is no charge for a street collection permit.

Further Information

Contact us using the Licensing Enquiry Form.

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Fax: 01732 876397


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