Get help meeting energy efficiency standards

New laws set minimum energy efficiency levels for homes in the rented sector. They are called the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) regulations.  

Landlords are no longer permitted to rent out properties with energy efficiency ratings of F or G unless they have a valid exemption. Those breaching the regulations can face a financial penalty up to £5,000 per property.

The regulations apply to all domestic private rented properties that are:

  • let on specific types of tenancy agreement
  • legally required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

We’re working with landlords in Tonbridge and Malling to help them improve the efficiency of their properties so they meet the regulations. If you rent out homes that currently have an energy efficiency rating of F or G, get in touch with us using the details below to find out how we can help. 

Case study

Thanks to a government grant, our housing team now has extra resources to identify rented properties which fail to meet the new regulations on energy efficiency.

One such property – a Victorian terraced house in Tonbridge – was found to have an energy rating of G, the lowest possible score. This meant the tenant had to use more energy to keep his home warm and was hit with high bills, especially in winter.

Our team worked with the landlord who recognised the need to comply with the rules and invested in new windows, central heating and loft insulation. His improvements saw the EPC rating rise from G to D. The tenant is now saving money on heating bills while the landlord has increased the value of his property and made it more appealing to renters. 

Registering for exemption

Landlords who would need to spend more than £3,500 to improve their property to an EPC rating of at least E, should make all the improvements they can, then register an exemption on the PRS exemptions register.

See Guidance on PRS exemptions and Exemptions Register evidence requirements - GOV.UK.

Get help to pay for improvements

For eligible households, the Kent and Medway Warm Homes scheme can offer a quote from a trusted contractor to install loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation. See Kent and Medway Warm Homes.

Advice for tenants  

If you rent your home, your landlord or letting agent must supply you with its EPC rating. If the current rating is F or G, contact your landlord and request improvements.

If no improvements are made please contact our private sector housing team.

Contact the private sector housing team

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