Check what goes in your green bin

Your green lidded bin is for mixed recycling. All bins should be out by 7am on collection day.

What can I put in my green lidded bin?

  • empty aerosols
  • clean aluminium foil and food trays 
  • drink cans
  • food tins
  • glass bottles and jars (any colour)
  • plastic bottles (clear and coloured) including cleaning product bottles
  • plastic food trays and fruit punnets (remove film sleeve and place in black bin)
  • plastic pots and tubs (for example butter, margarine, yoghurt)

Rinse off any food waste and place the items loose in the bin. Do not use plastic bags to wrap material for recycling.

Do not put these in your green bin - put them in your black bin or take them to a KCC recycling site. 

  • black plastics such as food trays and flower pots
  • broken crockery,ceramics, other cookware
  • cartons (Tetra Pak) 
  • coffee capsules 
  • crisp packets
  • cutlery (black bin or Kent County Council recycling site)
  • light bulbs (old style - black bin; low energy or fluorescent tubes - Kent County Council recycling site)
  • mirrors  
  • plastic bags and plastic film
  • polystyrene
  • pyrex, heat-resistant glassware and any glass that is not a bottle or jar 
  • sweets and chocolate wrappers 

Note: there are a number of bio products being used in packaging such as newspaper wrapping and disposable cups, that say they can be recycled. These may be suitable for home composting but we cannot collect them as the processing plants don't accept them and the collection crews will not be able to identify them as recyclable items.


  • why can’t I put cardboard and paper in my recycling bin? 

We collect cardboard and paper separately (in your green box) as it goes to local paper mills to be made into new paper and board products. 

  • can I use a liner in my green lidded recycling bin?

No, do not use any kind of liner in the bin When it is emptied it could fall out into the vehicle and contaminate the recycling.

Contact the waste services team

Telephone: 01732 876147