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What's happening with subscription renewals following the suspension of collections?

Subscribers are not being charged for the period of the suspension (August 2021 to February 2022). 

Are concessions available when subscribing to the garden waste service?  

No. The standard charge of £42 per year applies to all households regardless of personal circumstances.

What do I do with my garden waste bin if I move house?

 If you move to another address within the borough you must notify the waste services team and you can take the bin with you to your new address. We will transfer the subscription to your new address and close the account at the old address.

 If you move out of the borough you must notify the waste team and the service will be terminated from the date of vacation. No refunds will be issued in this circumstance and the bin/s can either be left at the property or we will collect it.

Can I put garden waste in my black rubbish bin? 

No. Your rubbish bin is only for non-recyclable waste. If your black rubbish bin contains garden waste such as grass, leaves, pruning’s etc. it will not be emptied.

Can I have garden waste collections if I live in a flat? 

Yes. If you have communal gardens/bins you should contact your managing agent or housing association as they will be responsible for the removal of garden waste.

Can I use a liner in my garden bin?

No, please do not use any kind of liner in the bin, when it is emptied it could fall out of the bin into the vehicle and contaminate the garden waste.

If I've grown something in the garden eg apples, is it food waste or garden waste?

Fruit and veg grown in a garden such as windfall fruit is classed as garden waste and can go in your brown wheeled bin, however anything you bring inside to the kitchen becomes food waste and should go into your 23L outdoor food bin.

Don’t fill your garden bin with windfall fruit, this is very heavy and could cause the bin to snap off the bin lift. Overweight bins won’t be collected.

The garden waste we collect in the brown wheeled-bin is composted and used on farmers' fields as a soil improver.

Contact the waste services team

Telephone: 01732 876147