Sign up to our garden waste service and let us take away all your weeds, twigs and cuttings for less than a pound a week.

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How it works

Our garden waste collection service costs £49.50 per year. For this, you will get:

  • garden waste collected every two weeks
  • a 240L brown bin to put your garden waste in
  • collections for 12 months

Do a lot of gardening and need more than one bin? Not a problem. You can order up to three bins per property. A second or third bin will cost you an extra £32.50 each.

When will I get my bin?

When you get your bin depends on when you sign up to the service.

  • before 14th of any month - the bin will arrive in the same calendar month
  • after 14th of any month - the bin will arrive in the next calendar month

When will my collections start?

Collections will start the month after we deliver your bin. So, if we deliver your bin in September, your collections will start in October.

You can check your collection day from the first day of the month in which your collections start.

See Find your collection dates

Contact the waste services team

Telephone: 01732 876147