Renew your garden waste subscription

We cannot renew your subscription until you receive the renewal notification by either email or letter.  

  • emails contain a link to complete the renewal
  • letters contain an access code that you can enter in the form below

Renew subscription

How can I pay my subscription renewal?

The quickest way to pay is by using the link on your email or use the form above if you received a letter. You can also make your payment via our automated payment service on 01732 876147. You will need your invoice number and garden waste account number.

How will I be notified if I don't have an email address?

You will be notified by letter.

How can I pay if I have lost my renewal letter or email? 

Contact us using the details below.

Can I pay in cash?

We no longer take cash payments. Call us if you are unable to pay by card.

Contact the waste services team

Telephone: 01732 876147