Schedule of fees

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Current Schedule of Fees


  • A development is considered to be separate if they are received on separate applications and/or they do not share a common road which is also being named for the first time as part of the application.
  • Individual flats are considered as individual plots.

New Properties

Type Price
Addressing one new in-fill property £187
Addressing two to three in-fill properties £98 per property
Type Price
Fee for naming of a street, other than in relation to new property addressing £227
Type Price
1-4 units £228 + £35 per unit
5-10 units £228 + £30 per unit
11 or more units £457 + £12 per unit

Existing Properties

Type Price
Renumbering an existing property £82
Renaming an existing property, not in a current numbering scheme £82
Registering the addition or change or an alias to a numbered property £82
Removing an existing alias from a numbered property No charge
Rename an existing street £1,715
Rename a block of flats £1,715
Fee for addressing units (flats) when splitting an existing property £98 per unit
Fee for addressing a single property when merging separate units £187