Street naming and numbering

Use our online form below for street naming and numbering applications.

Register a new address if you are: 

  • changing the name of your house
  • removing a house name from your address
  • adding a house name to your address
  • building a new house or business premises
  • converting a residential or business premises and this results in the creation of a new addressable property

An existing house number has to be kept if you are adding a name to your property, for example:

My House
49 My Street
My Village
Postal Town

  • you should register a new address as soon as you have planning permission
  • it is not possible to remove a number from an address
  • you will also need to register any new street names with us
  • renaming or renumbering an existing street is avoided other than in exceptional circumstances
  • residents will always be consulted over proposals to change a road name

In your application to register or change an address you should include a site plan showing the location of all the plots/units.

See street naming and numbering policy


Payment is made online with your application. See street naming and numbering fees

Apply to register or rename a property


Contact the street naming and numbering team

Telephone: 01732 844522