Penalty Charge Notices

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Penalty charge notices are issued when a vehicle has not been parked correctly.

Coronavirus update

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice you can use our online services, where you can view the evidence from our Officers and our cancellation policy.

It is quick and easy to make online payment or to make a challenge, and we will consider any mitigation offered with challenges in light of our cancellation policies and the evidence from our officers. If you are making a challenge, please do not make a payment at this time.


You will need the Penalty Charge Notice number that starts TN or KO (K-oh, not K-Zero) and Vehicle Registration Number to be able to pay.

You can pay by card:

Online is the easiest way to access our services

  • Online. Details of Penalty Charge Notices should be available within a few hours of issue, and you can view the Officer’s evidence and our cancellation policies. You will get an email confirmation of payment or the receipt of a challenge. If you have spam control please make sure you check for a reply.
  • By Automated payment line 01732 876099 available 24 hours
  • By telephone 01732 876034 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

You can pay by cash, card or cheque:

The in person option is not currently available as our offices are closed due the the Coronavirus restrictions.

You can pay by cheque:

  • By post. To pay by post you will need to address the envelope to Financial Services at our Kings Hill address, write the full Penalty Charge Notice number on the back of your cheque including the TN or KO prefix and enclose the completed payment slip.
It is important that you retain proof of postage as you will need to produce this in the event of late or non-delivery

The right to make an informal challenge

If you believe that there is a reason why you should not pay a Penalty Charge Notice, you can make a challenge.

Challenges can be made either online or in writing. This should be done within 14 days to retain the discount. You will need the Penalty Charge Notice number and Vehicle Registration number.

If you choose to challenge by post it is important that you retain proof of postage as you will need to produce this in the event of late or non-delivery of your challenge.

Challenges can not be taken by phone.

Before making a challenge, please read the relevant parking appeals policy below. These show the circumstances where a challenge will be considered.

Kent Parking Appeals policy - on street

Kent Parking Appeals policy - off street (car parks)

Preparing your online challenge

You will be able to attach evidence to your challenge by scanning or photographing the evidence and saving as a Jpeg file. Please ensure you have your evidence ready to attach before starting the online challenge process.

Know your parking rights advice from the British Parking Association


  • Full Cost £70 for Higher Band Contraventions
  • Full Cost £50 for Lower Band Contraventions
  • Discounted Cost £35 for Higher Band Contraventions if paid within 14 days of the date of issue
  • Discounted Cost £25 for Lower Band Contraventions if paid within 14 days of the date of issue

Do not ignore the Penalty Charge Notice, failing to either pay or make a challenge will result in the cost increasing.

Further information

The Police are responsible for parking contraventions:

  • where there are no on-street restrictions
  • where there are white lines
  • obstruction on the highway or pavement
  • all moving traffic offences
  • any other traffic offences

We can only enforce where there is a legal order in place.

Civil Enforcement Officers are not authorised to cancel a Penalty Charge Notice once it has been issued. This can only happen when office staff have received an informal challenge, referred to all notes and photographs taken by the Civil Enforcement Officer and a decision made to cancel.

We are a member of Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL).