Platt Woods

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Owned and managed by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, Leisure Services and managed by Platt Woods Management Committee.


This public open space has Platt village to the west and south and Windmill Hill to the east. There are a number of public footpaths leading into this public open space, the nearest postcode for the public footpath accessed from next to St Mary's Church is TN15 8NE.

Map showing other points of interest in the area

Travelling and parking

Please consider other ways of getting here than using a vehicle. There is no car park and very little on road parking available around this public open space.

Many of our locations are accessible by public transport, walking or cycling as well as by car.

There are public rights of way in the area, with four going through Platt Woods which are MR296, MR297, MR298 and MR257.

About Platt Woods public open space

Platt Woods public open space covers an area of about 43 acres.

History of Platt Woods

  • The main points of interest are:
  • The variety of trees including Sessile Oak, Pedunculate Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Scots Pine, an apparent hybrid swarm of Silver and Downy Birch, Whitebeam, rowan, Douglas Fir, Larch and Wellingtonia
  • The variety of shrubs including Broom, Dog Rose and Pussy Willow to the south east part of the wood. A single mature Hazel in dense undergrowth near the access from Platt Common with holly close by and near the churchyard, rhododendrons and brambles.
  • Other plants include grasses bordering the footpaths and clearings. Foxgloves and Heath Bedstraw in one patch. Rose-bay in woodland clearings. Yorkshire Fog and Birch seedlings. Toad rush in damper turf and footpath borders, hollows and track ruts. Bracken, Relict Bilberry, Heather and Hawkweed in the wood.
  • The wood forms part of the Weald Way long distance walk


  • Paths are not surfaced and may be narrow
  • There are natural changes in level and steps

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