Basted Mill public open space

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Owned and managed by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, Leisure Services


Basted Mill is approximately one mile south from the centre of Borough Green. The nearest postcode is TN15 8PG, which will take you north of the public open space.

Travelling and parking

Please consider other ways of getting here than using a vehicle. There is no car park and very limited roadside layby parking available around this public open space.

Many of our locations are accessible by public transport, walking or cycling as well as by car.

There are public rights of way in the area, with two going through Basted Mill which are MR310 and MR301A.

About Basted Mill public open space

Basted Mill public open space covers an area of about 17 acres.

The area name of Basted Mill comes from the old Basted paper mill. The mill is known to have been in operation in 1716. Although it burnt down in 1917 it was rebuilt and worked by steam power until 1960. It finally closed after damage suffered in the floods of September 1968. The mill supplied paper used for postage stamps. More details about the site.

The main areas of interest are the:

  • old mill pond with viewing area so water safety should be considered when visiting this public open space
  • lower and upper meadows
  • woodland walks
  • picnic tables

There are signposted walks through the woods and tree information signs.


  • Pathways are not surfaced and may be narrow
  • There are natural changes in level and steps

More information

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