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Electoral Registration Annual Canvass

Every year between July and November we undertake an Annual Canvass of all households to ensure all eligible residents are registered on the Electoral Register. On the 1st December a new updated register is published and then amended monthly until the following September.

Household Enquiry Forms were dispatched by Royal Mail on 26th July 2018 to all Households across the Borough. Please help your Council save money by responding promptly (even if there are no changes) and preferably via our online system (, telephone, or text. It is quick and easy.

A reminder form will be sent via Royal Mail on 30th August to all properties that do not respond by the 21st August deadline.

If a response is still not received by the end of September we are required to send Voter Registration Officers to visit to try and obtain a response.

Being added to a Household Enquiry Form does not mean you are registered. To complete this process, please register yourself online at . If we do not receive an online application, a paper application form will be posted to you.

Register to vote

To be able to vote you must first be registered.

You can register online at Registration is quick, free and simple and will only take a few minutes. It will mean you have the right to vote at elections and being registered could also improve your credit rating. Please note that you will need to have your National Insurance number when you register. Once we receive your application we will write to you to confirm you will be added to the Register or to ask for further information.

There are deadlines to register, so it will normally take up to six weeks to be added to the Register from the time you submit a completed application. Just before an election, you must register around two weeks before polling day to be able to vote.

You will need to tell us about changes that could affect your registration.

If you need any help in registering to vote, or want to check if you are already registered, please email us at