Caravan site licence

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The Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (As amended) requires land that has planning consent for use as a caravan site and has caravans on it to be licensed by the local authority.

Associated Legislation

Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 and the Mobile Homes Act 2013.

Licensing of Caravan Sites

The owner of any land cannot use their land as a caravan site unless they hold a valid caravan site licence. No caravan site licence can be issued where the land has no planning permission for use as a caravan site and the applicant had any caravan site licence revoked within the previous three years. The definition of a caravan includes for example a mobile home, park home and some log cabin type accommodation. The caravan site licence will have conditions attached to protect the health and safety of the people living on the site and any visitors.

A Caravan Site Licence is not required for:

  • Where the caravan is for incidental use within the curtilage of a dwelling house;
  • Single caravan used by a person for not more than two nights and not stationed on the land for more than 28 days within a 12 month period;
  • Holdings of five acres or more, if caravans not stationed more than 28 days within a 12 month period, and a maximum of three caravans at any time;
  • Sites occupied and supervised by exempted organisations for example the Caravan Club;
  • Sites approved by exempted organisations for up to five caravans;
  • Meetings organised by exempted organisations;
  • Caravans occupied by seasonal agricultural and forestry workers;
  • Building and engineering sites;
  • Travelling showmen sites;
  • Sites operated and owned by a local council, county councils or regional councils.

Submitting a caravan site licence application

Cost depends on the type of caravan site

Permanent residential use caravan site.

  • Application fee for a caravan site licence for a new site: £395
  • Application fee for the transfer of an existing caravan site licence : £190

Holiday Use

  • No Fee

Using the EUGO portal you can apply online for a new licence as well as apply online to change an existing licence

If you have not heard from us within 14 days of submitting your application please contact the Private Sector Housing Team. You can do this using the contact details below.

Further Information

  • Register of site rules deposited for licensed caravan sites that fall under the definition of a relevant protected site. Please note the Council charge a fee of £60 for administering the deposit of site rules, maintaining and publishing the site rules online.

For further information regarding caravan site licensing you can contact the Private Sector Housing Team:

Call 01732 876395