Council Tax Reduction - New Claim

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You can apply for a Council Tax Reduction if:

  • You are on a low income and have under £16,000 in savings; and
  • You (or your partner if you have one) are liable to pay Council Tax for a property which you live in.

Even if you have a high income and/or savings, you can apply for a different type of Council Tax Reduction (known as 'second adult rebate'). This is designed to help those who don't qualify for a reduction in their own right but have someone living with then who is on a low income.

You can apply for Council Tax Reduction by completing the application form.

How to apply

To claim a Council Tax Reduction you will need to complete a Council Tax Reduction application form.

If you are not receiving Universal Credit and you have a different income, please use the "Anything Else" box to tell us what your income is. Please email us a photo or scanned image of any supporting evidence.

You can contact us by email. Alternatively, you can contact the Council Tax Reduction team on 01732 876376.

If you need help paying rent and, or your day to day living costs and you are below pension age then you should claim Universal Credit.