Planning rules for conservation areas

Many parts of Tonbridge and Malling have been designated as conservation areas.  These are combinations of buildings, spaces and landscapes that together create areas of strong and unique character.

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If you are thinking about making any changes to a property in a conservation area, use our pre-application advice service.

Conservation area appraisals

Trees in conservation areas

Most trees within conservation areas have some protection.  You must tell us at least six weeks in advance of any works you want to carry out.

You can apply online. There is no fee for this service.

Get advice

If you live in a conservation area, check if planning permission is needed for any development proposals.

'Permitted development' rights for alterations to buildings are more limited in conservation areas.

The following proposals require planning permission:

  • demolition of a building with a volume of greater than 115 cubic metres
  • demolition of a wall, fence, gate or railing over one metre in height adjacent to a highway or public open space or over two metres in height anywhere else

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