Building control fees

Full details of our standard application fees are available to download.

Our charges include VAT at 20 per cent. Regularisation charges are exempt from VAT.

If your project changes after you have paid for your application, we may provide a refund or make an additional charge.

Our fees and charges from 1 April 2024:

Application fees

Individually determined charges

You can request a bespoke fee quote where:

  • all or part of the project falls outside of our standard charges 
  • the categories listed in our charges do not cover all aspects of the project
  • the categories listed do not reflect a reasonable charge

For an individually determined charge, send plans of your proposals to our building control team via email or call them using the details below. 


Existing dwelling

Charges do not apply where the whole of the work is solely to provide access for a disabled person to, from and within their residence, or for accommodation or facilities to secure their greater health, safety, welfare or convenience (subject to Regulation 4(2)). Evidence of the person’s disability or special needs may be required.

Existing building

Charges do not apply for works to public buildings (eg shops or banks) that provide access for disabled people from and within the building or for facilities to secure their greater health, safety, welfare or convenience.

Service level

The inspection fee will cover all site inspections during the construction phase, including discussions and meetings with the builder, architect and the owner as required. Our surveyors provide a next day inspection service. In the event of problems on site, we will do our best to accommodate requests for inspections at short notice.

Competent person's schemes

Our charges assume electrical and heating installations are carried out by certified installers, registered with one of the Government's Competent Person's Schemes. If a certified installer is not employed or a competent person's certification is not received, there will be an additional charge of £329.50 plus VAT (if applicable) for each unit to enable checks and tests to be carried to establish if the works meet the Building Regulations 2010.

Contact the building control team

Telephone: 01732 876230