Adopted plans

Development Plan Documents (DPDs) contain the specific policies and proposals by which planning applications are assessed.

Core strategy

The core strategy sets out the strategic spatial planning policies that underpin the other plans that make up the development plan. It was adopted in September 2007. Although now time expired, it continues to form part of the adopted development plan. Read the Inspector's report into the soundness of the core strategy

We have a statutory duty to determine all planning applications under the adopted development plan [Note 1] unless material considerations show otherwise [Note 2]. Whilst the Core Strategy may be time expired not all policies contained within it out of date.

The core strategy policies document sets out our position of the weight of each policy. This is based on relative conformity with the National Planning Policy Framework 2021. The policies will be applied in all circumstances unless any new material considerations arise which alter the position.

To understand what this might mean for your development proposals, contact us for pre-application advice.

Development Land Allocations DPD

The Development Land Allocations (DLA) DPD allocates and safeguards specific sites for development to meet the needs of the area as identified in general terms in the core strategyRead the inspector's report into the soundness of the Development Land Allocations DPD

Development Land Allocations DPD

Adoption Statement

Tonbridge Central Area Action Plan

The Tonbridge Central Area Action Plan (TCAAP) sets out the spatial strategy for the regeneration of the central area of Tonbridge. Read the inspector's report into the soundness of the Tonbridge Central Area Action Plan

Managing Development and the Environment DPD (MDE DPD)

The Managing Development and the Environment DPD contains policies designed to manage development in a way that maintains and enhances environmental quality while preserving a sense of place. Read the inspector's report into the soundness of the Managing Development and the Environment DPD

Saved Policies

In addition to the above listed DPDs, we have a Saved Policies document. This contains those relevant policies from the Tonbridge and Malling Borough Local Plan that have not been replaced by the Core Strategy, the DLA DPD, the TCAAP and the MDE DPD. 

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004   provides for the saving of policies in adopted local plans for a period of 3 years from the start date of the Act (28 September 2004). Policies in adopted local plans on this date therefore expired on 27 September 2007, unless extended by the Secretary of State beyond this.

The Secretary of State's Direction came into effect on 28 September 2007 and accordingly all local plan policies not saved expired on 27 September and can no longer be used.

Saved Policies

Local Plan Policies map

The Local Plan Policies map illustrates the policies and proposals contained in the adopted plans. It is available to view online and download.