Homelessness help we offer

We cannot offer temporary accommodation to all households facing homelessness. Accommodation offers depend on our assessment of your situation.

If we assess you as being homeless, we will make one of the following decisions about your situation.

Homeless but not in priority need

We will offer you advice and help you find a new home. If you are already in emergency accommodation, you will be asked to leave. 

Intentionally homeless

If you have:

  • made yourself intentionally homeless or
  • have done, or not done something that has resulted in you losing your home

and we are already providing emergency accommodation this would continue for a reasonable period. You need to look for a new home and we will offer you advice and help. We will notify you by letter in advance. This gives you a chance to provide us with further information to support your case. 

Homeless, eligible and in priority need

We have a duty to provide suitable temporary accommodation until you get a permanent offer. Social housing may be an option, but we can also fulfil this duty with an offer of a home in the private rented sector.  

Provision of accommodation

We aim to provide you with self-contained accommodation. This means you will live with just your household.

If we provide you with accommodation, we try to match your circumstances to available properties. Sometimes, we may have to place you outside Tonbridge and Malling. 

If you do not come from the Tonbridge and Malling area, we may refer you back to the area where you came from. 

You must pay for any accommodation we provide. If you are eligible for benefits, you should make a claim to cover these costs.

If we assess you as intentionally homeless, we will provide accommodation for a reasonable period.

If we are already providing accommodation and you request a review of a decision we will continue to provide accommodation pending the outcome of the review. 

See our Temporary accommodation policy.

Families with children

We only place families with children in shared accommodation or bed and breakfast as a last resort. This is for no longer than six weeks. 

Contact the housing team

Telephone: 01732 844522