How we're helping reduce energy usage

We're working hard to improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce fuel poverty in Tonbridge and Malling. We publish an update report on our plans every two years.

Our current plans include:

  • partnering with Fenland District Council and Clarion Housing Group to retrofit energy efficiency measures to up to 80 hard to treat Wimpey ‘No Fines’ constructed homes in Tonbridge
  • working with the Greater South East Energy Hub to help improve homes with the worst energy efficiency occupied by low-income households across all tenures. Our delivery plan focuses on providing energy efficiency improvements to up to 60 homes with an EPC rating of E, F and G
  • proactively targeting a further 100 privately rented properties in breach of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES), undertaking housing health assessments and advising landlords of energy efficiency and requirements of MEES. Where necessary the appropriate enforcement action will be taken
  • continuing to signpost residents to information on energy efficiency, renewable energy measures and funding schemes so they can make informed decisions. Financial help is available to assist low income households vulnerable to the cold
  • refreshing our Housing Assistance Policy, which offers financial assistance to eligible applicants to help with the cost of works to ensure a property is adequately heated and insulated

We are also participating in and promoting a number of schemes for energy efficiency measures including:

  • Solar Together Kent, enabling residents to group together to get high quality solar panels at a competitive price

The council will continue to work in partnership with others or directly fund the following housing/health improvement roles which can assist, as part of their wider role, in identifying and reducing the impact of cold homes through making referrals to national and local funding/schemes where available, to help residents keep their homes warm:

  • One You Advisors based in the council’s health improvement team
  • West Kent Health and Housing Coordinator roles based at two local hospitals

If you would like further details on our plans and progress, you can contact us using the details below. 

You can read more about work to reduce fuel poverty and environmental protection on the Kent County Council website.

Contact the housing team

Telephone: 01732 844522