Report noise

You can report the following noise complaints to us. We will investigate and take action if the problem is a statutory nuisance. See what constitutes a statutory nuisance (GOV.UK).

  • neighbours (music, shouting, alarms, DIY at unreasonable hours)
  • barking dogs
  • commercial premises (entertainment, ventilation systems)
  • industrial premises (factories, construction, demolition)
  • burglar or car alarms

We are unable to investigate traffic, aircraft or railway noise as these are not considered statutory environmental nuisances. 

Before you make a complaint

We suggest you:

  • speak to your neighbour or the owner of the property 
  • write to them explaining that their noise is causing a problem
  • keep a written record of dates and times that the noise occurs and how it affects you

How we deal with complaints

We will normally:

  • write to the occupier of the property concerned and tell them that a complaint has been made - we will not say who has made the complaint.
  • ask them to work with us to reduce the problem
  • provide you with diary sheets to record your experiences should the noise continue

These initial steps often solve the problem. However, should it continue, we ask that the diary sheets are returned after a month.  We will use these sheets to assess whether further investigation is needed. 

The case cannot be progressed if no diary and/or further contact is received from you.

Submit a complaint

If you feel the problem may be classed as a statutory nuisance, have spoken to the person responsible and the noise has continued, please report it using our online form below.

By completing and submitting this form you acknowledge the above process and that your complaint will be logged accordingly.

Report noise nuisance