How we consider self employment

If you, your husband/wife/partner or your non-dependants are self-employed, we must see either:

  • the most recent accounts drawn up for tax purposes
  • an estimate of earnings based on income and expenditure

If possible, also provide us with your latest tax assessment.

If any person is involved in more than one form of self-employment, we need to see separate evidence for each type of work.

their income

You will need to provide proof of all other income received by yourself, your husband/wife/partner or your non-dependants. This includes:

  • working tax credit - all papers showing award
  • child tax credit
  • last payment slips (for example a works pension etc.)

This list does not cover every type of income but, whatever you provide, we must see the original documents, not photocopies.

There are certain expenses which can be offset against your income for housing, council tax benefit and council tax reduction purposes. 

These expenses are:

  • child care expenses - there are certain circumstances in which you can offset up to a maximum of £175.00 per week (for one child) or £300 per week (for two children) dependant upon certain qualifying conditions
  • you need only give details for these if your child/children is/are under the age of 15, attend a registered nursery, out of school scheme or childminder and you (and your partner) are in full time work (over 16 hours per week)
  • private pension - if you pay into a private pension scheme, half of your contributions may be disregarded
  • payment towards a student grant

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