Request new bins or report damaged bins

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Please read the relevant section before completing the on-line form for wheeled bin issues.

Please order a green box for recycling paper and cardboard.

New bins

If you are the first person moving into a newly built property please select "A new bin- newly built properties" and request "both bins and a green box" . Please read what can and cannot go into each bin and check your collection dates. If you have unusual collection arrangements we will contact you to advise.

If you are new residents in a property that has had previous occupants but the bins are missing then please request replacement bins.

Damaged bins

Please leave your bin in a visible location until the repair takes place. You may continue to use the bin. We will only contact you if we have a query with your request that needs clarification.

If your bin lid has become detached but still intact, please report damaged hinges. If the bin lid is missing or beyond repair please request a new bin lid.

Requesting larger bins

You can request to change your bin size . Please note we do not provide large Green-lidded bins. However, we will currently collect up to six extra sacks of garden waste if presented with your green-lidded bin on collection day.

Please Note: From 30th September 2019 our garden waste collections are changing. This will become a chargeable service that you will need to opt-in to if you wish to have garden waste collected after this date.

For more details and prices please see