Backdated claims

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Your benefit will normally start from the Monday after we receive your application form. If you get either Income Support (IS) or income-based Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA IB), and you make a claim within four weeks of your application for IS or JSA(IB), your benefit will normally start from the Monday after IS or JSA(IB) is awarded.

Backdating my Benefit

Benefit can not usually be backdated. However, if you can show that you had good cause why you could not make a claim any earlier, we might be able to. If we do agree to backdate your benefit, we can only backdate it for a maximum of one months if you are working age or three months if you are pensionable age. This applies from the date we get your request for backdating.

Backdating Council Tax Reduction

Please see backdated Council Tax Reduction

Good cause

There is no definition of good cause. We must consider each case on its merits. Good cause is something that would have stopped you being able to make a claim. Examples of things that might be good cause are:

  • If you were ill and had no-one to make the claim for you.
  • If you had suffered a recent bereavement.
  • If you were unable to manage your own affairs.

Claiming Backdated Benefit

There is a section in the application form that you can complete. Alternatively, you can email us requesting a backdate of benefit.

More Information

You can email us for further information. Alternatively, you can contact the benefits team on 01732 876376.