10 acres

Priory Wood is a small, mixed open space near a residential area in Tonbridge. Once a brickworks quarry, it became a landfill station before being landscaped in the 1970s. An excellent dog walking area, you'll find open grassland surrounded by wooded areas and a small lake.

Priory Wood is located in south Tonbridge immediately north of the A21 and east of Deakin Leas. The nearest postcode is TN9 2JT which will take you to Deakin Leas where there is a public right of way. To get into Priory Wood, follow public footpath MU54 from Deakin Leas, or walk along MU55 from Quarry Hill Road.

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council own and manage Priory Wood.

  • small pond 
  • areas of woodland
  • open grassland
  • dog walking park
  • pathways are not surfaced and may be narrow and hazardous in wet weather
  • there are natural changes in level and steps

No car park and limited on-street parking

Grid reference