About street collections

You must have a street collection permit to collect money or sell articles for charitable or other purposes in a street or public place.

There is no cost for the permit.


  • no more than four collections per year per charity
  • no Sundays other than in exceptional circumstances

See street collection regulations

We do not usually issue permits for more than one collection on the same date. However, permits for the following events may be issued even where the collection falls on the same day as another.

  • Children in Need (always Friday)
  • carnivals
  • Christmas late night shopping
  • charity nights (more than one charity on one night under one umbrella grouping)
  • cycle races

How to apply

  1. first contact the licensing department to check that the required date is available
  2. on receipt of the completed application form the council will issue a permit subject to the requirements being met
  3. applications must be made by charitable organisations one month before the date of the collection (and not more than a year in advance)

You can sell periodical magazines (for example The Big Issue) without a permit.

Make a street collection application

On completion of the collection

Submit a street collection return

Contact the licensing team

Telephone: 01732 844522