Register a small society lottery

If you're planning to organise a raffle, sweepstake or lottery you may need to register this with us or apply for a licence from the gambling commission to do so lawfully. 

Where your activity is classed as a small society lottery by the commission you’ll need to register this with us. Small society lotteries can raise money for good causes or fun but not for commercial purposes or personal gain. Proceeds must be less than £20,000 for a single draw or less than £250,000 over a calendar year.

To apply for registration you will need to:

  • appoint in writing a member of the society to be the promoter of the lottery
  • appoint in writing two members of the society, being persons over 18 years old, (other than the promoter), to certify returns
  • submit an application form with the appropriate fee

If the promoter of the lottery or either of the authorised signatories changes, please advise our licensing department using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Visit the Gambling Commission website for full details on running lotteries and fundraising.

Current fees

The current fees for registering a small society lottery are as follows:

  • first year registration £40
  • annual renewal thereafter £20


When a lottery has been held, the promoter must complete and send a return form to us no later than the end of the third month after the date of the lottery. Details on the return form required include:

  • the date on which the tickets were available for sale or supply
  • the date of the draw
  • the total proceeds from the lottery

Download lottery registration and return forms

Contact the licensing team

Telephone: 01732 844522