We’re looking for landlords who can offer good quality homes to tenants in Tonbridge and Malling. We can offer you:

  • a ‘golden hello’ of up to £3,500 per property
  • rent guarantee
  • a deposit bond
  • a single point of contact with a council officer
  • payment of any additional insurance premium for renting your property to a low income household

The one-off ‘golden hello’ amount depends on the term of the tenancy agreement as follows:

For a 12 month fixed term:

  • one bed: £1,500
  • two bed: £2,000
  • three plus bed: £2,350

For a 24 month fixed term:

  • one bed: £2,300
  • two bed: £3,000
  • three plus bed; £3,500

We’ll pay the incentive to you once you’ve provided a copy of the tenancy agreement for the property and household as agreed. The rent guarantee will be for six months (this may be extended).

Rents need to be in line with the relevant Local Housing Allowance or up to 10 per cent above. This is to ensure tenancies are affordable for the households we’re assisting.

All properties need to be of good quality and standard, meet all minimum required safety standards and have an EPC rating of D or higher.

Interested landlords should email privatesectorhousing@tmbc.gov.uk.