Appeal our council tax reduction decision

If you disagree with our council tax reduction decision you can ask us to explain this in further detail.


You must put the reasons why you are unhappy with the decision in writing.

You can:

  • ask for an explanation of the council tax reduction decision
  • ask for a written statement of reasons
  • ask for a revision of the decision. This means we can check the decision to see if all details are correct. If any of the details are incorrect, we will revise the amount of council tax reduction and send you a revised council tax bill. If we find that all the details are all correct, we will tell you that we cannot change the decision
  • appeal against the decision (see below)

How to appeal

If after receiving an explanation you are still unsatisfied with our decision you can appeal. You can also appeal if you have not heard back from us within two months.

You can make an appeal through the Valuation Tribunal Service.


Contact the council tax team

Telephone: 01732 844522