The council works with twinning associations to link with communities in Europe through:

  • pupil exchanges
  • cultural and sporting events
  • formal civic visits

Our twinned towns

Le Puy-en-Velay

With a population of 60,000 inhabitants, this town lies to the south-east of the Massif-Central. It is a little over 80 miles from Lyons. We twinned with this town in 1968.

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We twinned with Heusenstamm in 1984. The town has a population of around 18,000 inhabitants and is 10 miles from Frankfurt, in the valley of the River Main.

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Following the storm of 1987 the Friendship Circle in Heusenstamm presented a gift of 400 saplings. The gift included oak, lime, ash, hornbeam and wild cherry. From this, we created a 'Friendship Wood' in Haysden Park. This was a much appreciated gesture and shows how twinning can create strong community links.

The Heusenstamm Friendship Circle in Tonbridge brings together groups interested in twinning. It aims to:

  • encourage people to take part in visits to Heusenstamm 
  • to receive visitors from Germany
  • to help and advise those who wish to make private visits
  • to help people to meet 

See Heusenstamm Friendship Circle for more information.

Our other twinning links are: 

For further information on twinning in Tonbridge and Malling, contact