The biggest mistake businesses make when they fall behind with their rates is to simply do nothing. If you tell us about the problem, we will do what we can to help.

If you are in arrears or are struggling to pay get in touch using the details at the foot of this page.

We will notify you that you are in arrears in the following ways:

  • pink reminder notice: you will receive one of these if you miss a payment. You must pay the amount shown on the reminder within seven days. If you don't pay within seven days, you risk receiving a court summons
  • blue final notice: you will receive one of these if you repeatedly miss payments. This will require you to pay the balance of the year's rates.  You need to pay this in full within seven days or risk receiving a court summons

If a case goes to court, we may ask for a liability order. This will give us the power to take further steps to recover the outstanding rates. These could include sending enforcement agents to your premises or starting bankruptcy/winding up proceedings.

Contact the business rates team

Telephone: 01732 844522