Replace and repair bins

Use the forms below to order bins or boxes.

Requesting a larger black bin

We only provide larger black bins when six or more persons occupy a property or where there are exceptional circumstances, for example a number of young children in nappies. This policy is based on the need to minimise waste and to encourage recycling and reuse of materials where possible.

Report a damaged bin

Report damage via the link below. Once you've submitted your report, leave your bin in a visible location until the repair takes place. Continue to use the bin. We will only contact you if we have a query with your request.

If your bin lid has become detached but still intact, report 'damaged hinges'. If the bin lid is missing or beyond repair, report 'request a new bin lid'.

Damaged or replacement food bins

To report damage to or to request a new outdoor food bin (black with orange lid) please email us using the address below.

We no longer provide indoor food caddies as these are widely available in a range of colours and sizes to suit you.

Contact the waste services team

Telephone: 01732 876147