Street Naming and Numbering Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I name my house?

Applications with a request for the addition of a house name need to be made by applying to the Street Naming and Numbering via the online form. The Officer will check that your choice of name is suitable based the Street Naming and Numbering Policy. If your property is numbered as part of an existing road numbering scheme, you must retain this number as part of your official address. A house name can be added as an alias identifier, as shown below:

My House
49 My Street
My Village
Postal Town

SNN will then apply to Royal Mail for approval of your new house name.

How do I get a Street Number for a new property?

You can apply online via the online form. The SNN Department will advise on how your new property will be numbered within the existing road numbering scheme. If there is no available number (eg with 'infill' development or replacement of one property with two or more new properties) you will be allocated the number of the nearest property with an additional letter. (eg 15A).

What happens if a street needs renaming or renumbering?

Renaming or Renumbering an existing street is to be avoided unless the benefits clearly outweigh the obvious disadvantages. Existing residents will always be consulted, and, to change a street name, we will require support from local residents. This is to reflect the disruption caused to individuals, who will have to change their personal address details.

I'm in the process of buying a house but don't like the house name?

Anyone wishing to change the name of their house must apply to the council via the online form. Applications will only be considered after the completion date of the house sale. The chosen house name will only be approved if it complies with the street naming and numbering policy.

I don't agree with the postal address that has been allocated to me?

Your address is a sorting and delivery instruction to Royal Mail staff rather than a geographically accurate description of where you live. For example, if the nearest Royal Mail delivery office is in a town several miles away, your correct postal address will include the name of that town. Royal Mail allocates postcodes to group together properties in a particular location, which are on a specific postal delivery route. The postcode will not necessarily follow Parish Boundaries or other locally defined areas.

If you still wish to appeal against the postal address you have been allocated, please contact the SNN officer for advice.

Who do I contact with questions about street nameplates?

All matters concerning street nameplates are dealt with by Transport Services.

Do I have to pay for Street Naming and Numbering?

Please see the Application Fees page for more details.