Street Naming and Numbering for Developers

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As soon as planning permission is granted please apply online to register the addresses. A site plan showing the location of all the plots/units must be attached with your application, as well as your payment. Please contact the Street Naming & Numbering Department ( SNN ) if you have any issues.

If you do not have a suitable plan to send with your application, Ordnance Survey maps can be ordered via Getmapping.

Developers must provide an annotated plan showing how the individual plots/units are to be numbered or named. SNN Notices will not be issued without these plans.

For developments on an existing street SNN will advise on how the new development will be numbered within the existing road numbering scheme. For developments which need new roads, developers should submit suggestions for new road names using the guidelines sent to them by SNN . The SNN officer will then consult local ward and parish councillors for their opinion on these suggested names, this consultation process takes about 3 weeks. The SNN officer will liaise between councillors and developers to reach a final agreement on the new road names.

We will then apply to Royal Mail for provision of new postcodes. Royal Mail turnaround time for this is usually about three weeks. As soon as postcodes are received back from Royal Mail, and the developers have supplied an annotated plan, SNN will create a schedule of plot numbers, postal addresses and postcodes. This schedule will be sent to the developer for checking.

Once the developer replies with written confirmation of the addresses an SNN notice including the address schedule and site plan will be issued. Copies of this notice will be sent internally to other Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council Departments and externally to various statutory bodies, including Emergencies Services and Land Registry.