Roads - gritting

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Clearance and treatment of most roads and pavements is the responsibility of Kent County Council.

Members of the public

Members of the public can help by clearing snow and ice from roads, pavements and cycle ways themselves. NHS advice in winter weather.

Salt bins

Salt bins at the side of the road are there to help all road users, including pedestrians. It is not for use on private drives or paths. Salt can be purchased from builders merchants and DIY stores.

Most salt bins at the side of the road are the responsibility of Kent County Council. However some are the responsibility of Parish/Town Council or if on private land are the responsibility of the land owner.

Privately owned land or land owned by Housing Associations

The land owner, or manager of privately owned land may choose to clear their own land. We do not deliver salt, or provide a snow/ice clearance service, to privately owned land. Salt can be bought from most builders merchants.

Our car parks

During severe winter weather we will do our best to clear as many of our car parks as possible, although it will not be possible to clear all of them. Salt from salt bins in our car parks is to be used in the car park.

Report a problem with a salt bin in one of our car parks

Private car parks that are owned or operated by others will not be maintained by us.

Trunk roads and motorways

Trunk roads and motorways are the responsibility of the Highways Agency.