Loading and unloading

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Loading and unloading is only allowed in some locations and in some circumstances. All drivers should park in accordance with the Highway Code and local signage.

Double yellow lines

Vehicles may only wait on double yellow lines, where safe to do so, while actually loading and unloading and it must be necessary to wait on double yellow lines, not merely convenient. Waiting on double yellow lines is not allowed when a driver or passenger from a vehicle is:

  • Popping into a shop
  • Buying food
  • Using a cash machine
  • Visiting a toilet

The use of hazard warning lights does not prevent a Penalty Charge Notice from being issued.

Designated Loading Areas

If a section of road is reserved for loading only, it will be indicated by white bay markings and the words 'LOADING ONLY' on the carriageway. There will also be signage indicating the time of operation.

Tonbridge High Street ‘Goods vehicle loading only’ bays

There are ‘Goods vehicle loading bays in Tonbridge High Street to provide businesses with somewhere for their deliveries to take place, without interrupting moving traffic. There are many car parks close to Tonbridge High Street for drivers of vehicles that are not Goods vehicles.

The following vehicles may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice if parked in the Tonbridge High Street ‘Goods vehicle loading only’ bays.

  • Any vehicles that are not a Goods vehicle even if they are loading or unloading including:
    • Vehicles displaying blue badges
    • Vehicles where the driver or passenger is taking items to, or from, charity shops, pet shops etc

Locations where no one can load or unload

Loading or unloading is not allowed where it is specifically prohibited, for example:

  • on the approaches on either side of a pedestrian crossing (identified by zig zag marking)
  • where there are double yellow 'blip' markings on the kerb

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