Yellow lines and other waiting restrictions

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Yellow lines and other waiting restrictions, are used to enforce the Highway Code.

Different organisations are responsible for maintaining different types of lines on different types of road. Before reporting issues with road lines please check the status of a road on the Kent County Council (KCC) Highways Street Gazeteer. This will tell you if the road is public or private.

The painting of lines is weather dependent so may be delayed due to inclement weather.

Public roads all lines after roadworks

Kent County Council, are the Highway Authority and have responsibility for ensuring that lines are repainted after roadworks. They are also the organisation which gives permission for roadworks.

Contact information for Kent County Council Highways section.

Public roads

We repaint:

  • Double yellow lines
  • Single yellow lines
  • Permit bays
  • Disabled bays
  • Bus bays which are enforceable (have a yellow sign plate)
  • School keep clear markings

We also repaint lines in our car parks

Please email the location (including road, location within road and village) and type of line to

KCC are responsible for

  • White lines
  • Yellow box markings
  • Bus bays which are not enforceable (with no yellow sign plate)

Contact information for Kent County Council Highways section.

Motorways and trunk roads

These are the responsibility of Highways England.

Private streets and land

If a road is shown in the KCC Highways street gazeteer as being private you will need to contact the landowner. We do not have information on land ownership, this is held by Land Registry. However, if you rent your property we would suggest starting by contacting your landlord. If you own your house we would suggest contacting the developer.