Visitor permits in resident permit parking areas

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Visitor permits must be requested by the resident or business within the scheme area. Please note that visitor permits cannot be transferred or sold on.


  • In person at our offices in Tonbridge or Kings Hill. You must also bring proof of residency with you.
  • By phone only if you have an existing resident permit. When applying by phone, please ensure that you have a valid debit or credit card ready and the permit number or vehicle registration.

Not all businesses will qualify for visitor permits as these permits will only be issued subject to available parking capacity.


£12 per sheet of 10 visitor permits

Visitor permit terms and conditions

A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued if the rules shown below are not complied with.

  • Visitor permits are valid for 24 consecutive hours from the date and time that must be clearly written on the permit before use.
  • Only black or blue permanent ink must be used to clearly complete the visitor permit before use.
  • The 24 hour clock should be used e.g.
    • Arrive at 9.30am - complete the time as 09:30
    • Arrive at 8am - complete the time as 08:00
    • Arrive at 5pm - complete the time as 17:00
  • If you do not understand the 24 hour clock, use AM or PM e.g.
    • Arrive at 5pm - complete the time as 5PM
  • Do not alter visitor permits, this will invalidate the permit. Please ensure that a new permit is correctly completed and displayed.
  • Visitor permits must be clearly displayed on the front windscreen of the vehicle for the whole of the time parked in the permit bay during the restriction period.
  • Visitor permits may only be used while the resident still lives at a qualifying address.

Expiry date of visitor permits

  • Ten free permits are only issued when a resident permit is first issued. These ten free permits have an expiry date of 12 months from the date of issue. The expiry date is shown on each visitor permit. The issuing of free visitor permits may be reconsidered.
  • Visitor permits that are paid for (at £12 per sheet of 10 visitor permits) have an expiry date of 3 years from date of issue. The expiry date is shown on each visitor permit.

So please use the free permits before any that have been purchased.

Visitor permit cancellation

Visitor permits are cancelled when a resident moves from a qualifying address.

Maximum amount of visitor permits that can be purchased.

Residents can purchase a total of 12 sheets of visitor permits (total of 120 visitor permits), per residence, per year. It would be extremely unusual for larger number to be needed, but please contact the parking office for advice if you feel that you need more.


To protect the integrity of the residents permit scheme, the purchase of visitor permits is monitored.

If you feel that fraud is being committed e.g. someone is selling their visitor permits, using visitor permits when they no longer qualify for them, or intentionally not completing them incorrectly, please contact the parking office with as much information as possible.

Contacting the parking office

Ways that the parking office can be contacted.