Dispensations for tradesmen and other service providers

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Tradesmen and other service providers may need to park in a resident permit scheme area to effectively carry on their business. Dispensations help them to do this.

Temporary dispensation (building works etc.)

A temporary dispensation allows parking without a permit in a resident permit scheme area.

  • £10 per day
  • £30 per week

Applications for dispensations must be made at least one working day before work commences.

Apply for a temporary dispensation

Discretionary yearly dispensations

Discretionary yearly dispensations may be issued for the following reasons:

  • Essential healthcare by professional healthcare providers. Proof will be required from the company providing the professional healthcare. Charge £50.
  • Property maintenance. Proof will be required from the company providing the property maintenance of the need for the vehicle to be close to the properties being maintained. Charge £160.

All applicants for yearly dispensations should contact the parking office. Please note that sufficient proof must be supplied and the issue of any dispensation is at the discretion of the Parking Manager, subject to need and availability.

Dispensation terms and conditions

All applicants should read our dispensation terms and conditions.

Suspected fraud

Report suspected fraud to our parking team. In order to investigate we will need information such as dispensation number (on the dispensation) and the vehicle registration number. Please also include any additional information that you may have.

The National Fraud Initiative matches electronic data within and between public and private sector bodies to prevent and detect suspected fraud.