Aylesford Blue Bell Hill permit scheme

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Those eligible for permits are residents within their Area, and potentially businesses within their Area and where capacity allows.

The following roads are part of the Aylesford Blue Bell Hill permit scheme.

Area F

  • Maidstone Road, Blue Bell Hill village, on east side in service road between Robin Hood Lane, northwards for the entire length of service road
  • Maidstone Road, Blue Bell Hill village, on west side between Keefe Close northwards to the junction with Walderslade Woods

New developments

New developments are not usually added to existing permit areas. This is in line with the current practise, where significant new developments are not allowed to join existing permit parking schemes, as the design standards that apply should provide a specified level of private parking. If residents of new developments need additional parking over and above the parking provided by the development itself they would need to make their own arrangements for private parking or consider using the public car parks.

Confirmation documents guide and terms and conditions

Confirmation documents will always be needed for a first permit application. We may also ask for confirmation documents for continued eligibility at any time.

Everyone should read our terms and conditions and document guide

Suspected fraud

Report suspected fraud to our parking team. In order to investigate they will need the vehicle registration number and any additional information that you may have such as the location and circumstances of the suspected fraud.

The National Fraud Initiative matches electronic data within and between public and private sector bodies to prevent and detect fraud.