Resident and business parking permit schemes

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Permit Schemes operate in:


  • Resident permit £40 per year with 10 free visitor permits supplied at first application
  • Business permit £160 per year. Please note that business permits are not being issued for West Malling due to lack of on street parking.
  • Visitor permit £12 for 10 sessions
  • Dispensations for property maintenance and Tonbridge High Street (Banking) £160 per year.
  • On-street dispensation £10 per day or £30 per week.
  • Carers permit £50 per year. Strict eligibility applies see notes below.

New software

  • The Council has introduced a new digital way of managing parking permits and season tickets.
  • An account will now need to be created for a first application or first renewal. This account will then be used by permit and dispensation holders to make changes or renewals.
  • Paper permits will not be issued anymore.
  • Everyone who currently has a valid paper permit still needs to display it until they have renewed.
  • Nothing will need to be displayed in vehicles.
  • Enforcement will still take place as our Civil Enforcement Officers handheld devices can ‘read’ the number plate which will then link to our software, informing them if a vehicle has a valid permit or not.

How to apply for, or renew, a permit or dispensation and make changes


Doing it online. The vehicle registration number will need to be entered for all permits and dispensations.

Unable to do it online

If a person is unable to do it online themeselves, they can visit our offices where staff will help them create an online account, assist with the online process and scan documents. Before travelling to our offices in Tonbridge or Kings Hill, please make sure that you have your confirmation documents. The vehicle registration number will need to be entered for all permits and dispensations.

Tonbridge Castle operning hours

  • Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm
  • Friday 9am to 4.30pm

The Castle does not have staff available to assist at weekends. It is only open for Tourist Information and Castle Attraction enquiries.

Kings Hill opening hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm

Uploading documents

Please see guidance notes on the uploading of documents as part of the application process.

  • Save the relevant documents to a device (such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop etc) so that they are available to upload as part of an application or renewal. Be aware of where the document has been saved to. This can include taking a picture of the relevant document.
  • When you get to the part of an application or renewal where uploading documents is needed, use your device to navigate to where the documents have been saved and select them.
  • Types of documentation you may wish to use.

    Electronic documents

    Electronic documents may have been emailed to you or be accessed online with a password. Do not provide us password information. Electronic documents will need to be saved to a device so that they can be uploaded as part of an application or renewal.

    Paper documents

    Most people will take a photo with their device and save it to their device so that it is available to upload as part of an application or renewal. Paper documents could also be scanned.

    If you are still unsure, please take your confirmation documents to one of our offices where staff will be able to help you.

Application notes

  • A permit can only be applied for, or renewed, by a resident, within a scheme area. Although businesses within a scheme area are eligible to apply for permits they will only be issued where capacity allows.
  • Confirmation documents will always be needed for a first permit application. We may also ask for confirmation documents as proof of continued eligibility at any time.
  • We always perform checks with other sections of the council to confirm residency.

Confirmation document guide and terms and conditions

Everyone should read our document guide and terms and conditions

More information on the different types of permit and dispensations

Visitor permits

  • Visitor permits must be requested by the resident or business within the scheme area.
  • Visitor permits cannot be transferred or sold on.
  • Visitor permits are valid for 24 consecutive hours from the date and time the applicant assigns them to a vehilce registration number.
  • The maximum amount of visitor permits that residents can purchase is 120 per residence, per year. It would be extremely unusual for larger number to be needed, but please contact the parking office for advice if you feel that you need more.
  • Not all businesses will qualify for visitor permits as these permits will only be issued subject to available parking capacity.
  • To protect the integrity of the residents permit scheme, the purchase of visitor permits is monitored.

How residents apply for visitor permits

Only qualifying residents can apply for visitor permits. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select Residents Permit
  3. Account Type - Resident
  4. Type your PostCode
  5. Permit Type - Visitor

Business permits

These are only available, where there is parking capacity, for businesses located within the same permit area, Business permits are not issued to business that are located out of a permit area, we perform checks to ensure this does not happen.

Dispensations for property maintenance and Tonbridge High Street (Banking)

  • Dispensations are discretionary and written proof will be required from the company providing the property maintenance of the need for the vehicle to be close to the properties being maintained.
  • Sufficient proof must be supplied and the issue of any dispensation is at the discretion of the Parking Manager, subject to need and availability.

On-street dispensation

A temporary dispensation that allows parking without a permit in a resident permit scheme area. For building works etc.

Carers permit

  • Carers permits are to help people who live in permit areas and have caring requirments due to their health issues. Carers permits may be issued to those providing the care who do not live within the same permit area.
  • To protect this dispensation for those vulnerable members of the community that need it most, written proof of eligibility must be supplied.

Those eligible and proof of eligibility

  • Care agency workers with a contract of employment caring for a person, or people, within permit areas. Written proof of eligibility will be both of the documents below:
    • a letter from your employer, on company headed paper, proving you are an employee of the company and you require a parking permit
    • a copy of your vehicle registration document or insurance certificate
  • We will consider applications from others but there will need to be exceptional circumstances. Written proof of this will vary depending on the circumstances but we will need official documentary proof. Please send your written circumstances, and proof, to the parking team and they will be considered with a final decision being made by the Parking Manager.

Those not eligible

Those caring for a person, or people, in a permit area without a health issue requiring them to be cared for by others.

Further information

Blue badge holders who need to park in a residents permit area

It may be possible for residents to construct their own off road parking.

Suspected fraud

Report suspected fraud to our parking team. In order to investigate they will need the vehicle registration number and any additional information that you may have such as the location and circumstances of the suspected fraud.

The National Fraud Initiative matches electronic data within and between public and private sector bodies to prevent and detect fraud.